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commercial fence and deck building near lake

As a local company, we’re happy to offer commercial enterprises in Portland the deck and fence services that help their properties look their best.  We offer a wide range of services beyond the decks and fences in our name, including outdoor accents like gazebos, and stairs and ramps that can enhance the overall look of your commercial property.  We know that business owners have to work hard to maintain the appearance of their property for visiting customers and clients, which is why w also offer the maintenance services that help your property and the items on it look their best at all times.

Commercial Clients
As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to always put you best foot forward when it comes to impressing business associates and customers alike.  Your outdoor areas are often one of the first areas that visitors see, which is why it’s so important to have them look their best at all times.  Our deck and patio contractors are masters of creative design, allowing our clients to bring their visions for outdoor areas to life.  Whether you’re a bed and breakfast that needs a pergola to enhance your backyard, or a restaurant that needs wood deck maintenance, we have the full range of services to make you look your best.

For commercial spaces having a fence that’s not only functional, but visually pleasing can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your location.  With our custom fences we create the items you need to separate areas of the property while maintaining the appealing look of your exterior.  In addition to creating fences, we also provide the maintenance services that help to restore fences that have been worn down from our seasonal weather.  Using high quality materials and tools in all of our projects, you can count on our team to ensure that your fences are looking in top condition for visitors.

Custom Decks
With our beautiful outdoor scenery, many businesses in our area contact us for custom decks that can help enhance the enjoyment of their commercial space.  With our custom made decks, we help business owners throughout the region improve their outdoor areas with our high quality workmanship.  From shops to restaurants and other local businesses, our custom decks come in a variety of materials, from classy tiger wood decks to custom composite decks that are renown for their low maintenance properties.  Using high quality materials in combination with our extensive knowledge of decks, we help you create beautiful outdoor areas for your business.

Outdoor Accents
Aside from providing high quality fences and decks, we also design and create custom outdoor accents for our clients.  Our products range from pergolas, trellises and arbors to more detailed patios, gazebos and privacy walls.  Not matter what project we’re developing, you can count on use to use top quality products and equipment that guarantee the quality of the item being created.  We even provide stairs and ramps that are a beautiful enhancement to elevated outdoor spaces.  All of our work is completed by professionals, using our custom consultations to match our workmanship to the functional and visual needs of your commercial space.

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