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Outdoor Accents

outdoor accent building completed

In decorating your outdoor areas, there’s dozens of options when it comes to enhancing the space.  With our outdoor accents from Portland Fence and Deck Pros, we provide a full range of products that help you better enjoy your property.  From patio covers to gazebos, to a variety of covered outdoor living spaces, we’re here to help you customize your outdoor spaces and make them more enjoyable for you and your guests.  We even provide practical additions such as stairs and ramps that are both functional and visually pleasing.  With our creations, you’ll see you commercial and residential outdoor spaces impressing guests and making your property more enjoyable.

Outdoor Accents
When you have a patio on your property, it can be a great place to entertain guests, or sit back, and relax and enjoy the scenery.  With our patio covers in Portland, Oregon, we help you better enjoy this area by providing a shady space that’s more comfortable for those using the recreational area. In addition to traditional patio covers, we also provide patio enhancements such as pergolas and trellises that enhance the space with an airy and unique construction.  With our unique creations we provide shelter for your outdoor areas while working to construct a more beautiful and enjoyable space.

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces
If you’re looking to design a covered outdoor living space, our team provides all the services you need to professionally complete the project.  From providing an in-depth design consultation, to helping to build a patio in Portland, to designing the patio coverings that protect the space - we are a full service outdoor accents company.  With our team, we work closely with you to realize your design ideas and bring them to life on your property.  We even work on gazebos of every size, whether you’re looking for an enhancement for an events property, or want to create a relaxing sanctuary in your backyard.

Stairs and Ramps
Whether you have a porch or elevated patio, it’s important to make the areas easily accessible for you and your guests.  With our stairs and ramps, we create the access that you need to better reach various areas on your property.  Working closely with clients to understand their access needs in combination with their ideas for the finished look, we use our years of experience to create the pieces that will complete your property.  Combining both form and function, our stairs and ramps come in a variety of materials, and are designed to be a visually pleasing addition to your home or commercial property.

Custom Creations
One of the reasons clients throughout Portland love working with our team is because of the personal attention that their projects receive.  We work closely with you to create the custom creations that match your needs for your property.  From creating a unique design, to selecting the right materials, our team is here to guide you through the process of creating your unique outdoor accents.  Whether you’re looking for a privacy wall to make your backyard feel more secluded, or want an arbor to enhance the appearance of your garden, we are here to help.   Using high quality materials and construction in combination with our expert craftsmanship, you’ll see your installations lasting for years into the future.

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